Hiroshima Statistical Research Group Technical Report 2014

Date: 27th October 2014
Members of the SSRC have submitted their technical reports to Hiroshima Statistical Research Group.

※The following is only the reports written by the members of the SSRC.

“Screening and Selection Methods in High-Dimensional Linear Regression Model”
by S. Imori, S. Katayama and H. Wakaki
“High-Dimensional Properties of AIC and Cp for Estimation of Dimensionality in Multivariate Models”
by Y. Fujikoshi
“Consistency properties of AIC, BIC, Cp and their modifications in the growth curve model under a large-(q; n) framework”
by R. Enomoto, T. Sakurai and Y. Fujikoshi
“Illustration of the Varying Coefficient Model for Analyses the Tree Growth from the Age and Space Perspectives”
by M. Yamamura, K. Fukui and H. Yanagihara
“Comparison with RSS-Based Model Selection Criteria for Selecting Growth Functions”
by K. Fukui, M. Yamamura and H. Yanagihara